Metal Material Recovery Facilities In Other Americas

Other American metal material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Other Americas that receive, separate and prepare recyclable metal materials.

Company Name No. Staff MRF Type Automation Level Materials Processed (tons/year)
6A S.A.C.E.I. Comercial Recicladora Paraguay Paraguay
AcMet Argentina Argentina Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Alfrecicla SAC Peru Peru
Alizé Environnement Services Martinique Martinique Commercial
Alliance S.A. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
America Recycling Company S.A. Nicaragua Nicaragua Commercial, Industrial
B’s Recycling Barbados Barbados
Bedel S.A. Argentina Argentina
Borinquen Metals Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 70 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Boyero Hnos. S.R.L. Argentina Argentina
Brassur S.A. Paraguay Paraguay
C.I Green Metal S.A.S Colombia Colombia
C.I. Atlantic Metals S.A.S. Colombia Colombia
C.I. Recyclables SAS Colombia Colombia
Carlos D Berretta e Hijo SA Argentina Argentina
Carpapeles Colombia Colombia Commercial, Industrial
Cartovip Reciclados S.R.L. Argentina Argentina Industrial
Caveda SRL Argentina Argentina Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Celedace Gestión Integral de Reciclaje Guatemala Guatemala
Central Reciclaje SA Chile Chile Industrial
Centro de Acopio Villa Hermosa Colombia Colombia Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Centro de reciclaje Bogotá Colombia Colombia
Ceroscrap Argentina Argentina
Cevons Waste Management Inc. Guyana Guyana Commercial, Industrial
Chatarra del Sur Gt Guatemala Guatemala Residential, Commercial
Chatarreria al Mejor Precio Colombia Colombia
Chatarrería Corazón de Jesús Colombia Colombia
Chatarreria La 25 Colombia Colombia
Chatarreria La Mejor Restrepo SA Colombia Colombia Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Chatarreria Mi Tolima SAS Colombia Colombia
Chatex Argentina Argentina Commercial, Industrial
Chatveltri srl Argentina Argentina Commercial, Industrial
Chiply Reciclaje Argentina Argentina
CI Metales La Unión SAS Colombia Colombia
Cilpen Global Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Residential, Commercial, Industrial 300,000
CM Recycling Co. Ltd. Jamaica Jamaica
Codipapel Ltda. Colombia Colombia
Comercial San Francisco Chile Chile Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Comercializadora Los Paisas Chatarrería Colombia Colombia
Comercializadora Y Recuperadora De Papeles Cartones Y Metales Ltda Chile Chile Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Compañía del Este Uruguay Uruguay
Comprometals Ivarmeth Argentina Argentina Industrial
Cooperecicla RL Costa Rica Costa Rica
Coqui Recycling Company Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Corumo International Honduras Honduras
CRT Enterprises Limited Bahamas Bahamas
DACD Metal Recycling Export Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Delmet Recycling S.A Argentina Argentina Industrial
Deposito Gaitán SAS Colombia Colombia 54 Industrial
Depósito Juncal Argentina Argentina 11,570
Depósito Rafael Uruguay Uruguay Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Diamante Scrap Metal Worldwide Guatemala Guatemala Commercial, Industrial
Difeza Recicla Chile Chile Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Dragon Colombia Colombia Colombia
Dunamis Recicla Chile Chile Industrial
Eco Scrap Argentina Argentina
Eco Scrap Solutions Ltd. Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
Eco Urbano S.A. Argentina Argentina Commercial, Industrial
Eco-Logica S.A. Chile Chile Industrial
Ecofinort S.A.S Colombia Colombia Industrial
EcoReciclaje Ecuador Ecuador Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Ecoreso S.A.C. Peru Peru Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Eisenhardt SA Argentina Argentina 54 Industrial
El Fuego Del Sol Haiti Haiti
Enfaena S.A. Chile Chile
Environmental Cleaning Solutions S.A. Haiti Haiti
Eternity Investment Inc. Guyana Guyana
Excedentes y Metales Colombia Colombia Industrial
Fedca Colombia SAS Colombia Colombia 12 Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Fénix Reciclados S.R.L Argentina Argentina
Ferro Olso Reciclaje Chile Chile Commercial, Industrial
Fibras Nacionales S.A. Ecuador Ecuador
Filmetal SA Uruguay Uruguay
Gaitan Ovalle Reciclaje Colombia Colombia Industrial
GEA Sustentable Argentina Argentina Commercial, Industrial
Gerdau Metaldom S.A. Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 50,000
Gpowergroup Ecuador Ecuador Commercial, Industrial
Graham Reciclaje Ecuador Ecuador
Green Nicaragua S.A. Nicaragua Nicaragua
Greendot SpA Chile Chile Commercial, Industrial
Greind Gestión de Residuos Industriales Chile Chile Industrial
Grupo Fimetal Chile Chile
Grupo Lampa Chile Chile 55 Industrial 120,000
Grupo Pelco Argentina Argentina
Haiti Recycling S.A. Haiti Haiti
Hazwat CRA Ecuador Ecuador Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Hierros El Puente S.A. Argentina Argentina Commercial, Industrial
Himan Reciclajes Argentina Argentina Industrial
Homeca Inc. Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Hope Gestión, Valorización y Reciclaje de Residuos Chile Chile Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Idea Corp S.A. Chile Chile Industrial
Ifco Recycling Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Residential, Commercial, Industrial
InduExcedentes Colombia Colombia Industrial
Industrias Dalafer SA Argentina Argentina
Industrias Maq-fer Argentina Argentina
[email protected] Paraguay Paraguay Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Inmesul Del Peru SAC Peru Peru
Interaseo S.A.S. E.S.P. Colombia Colombia
Intermediaria De Reciclaje Colombia Colombia
Inversiones Cenacor Sac Peru Peru